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By mitigating the sentence on appeal, the government kills two birds with one stone.

On the one hand it pleases the within the communist party.

His older brother, the 36 year old Nguyen Truc Cuong, was also targeted.

He had received money to buy a mobile phone and a tomb stone for Tran Thi Kink, their deceased grandmother, and the mother of Nguyen Van Ly.

Changing the charges during the court procedure has never happened in Vietnamese jurisdiction.

During a closed session of three hours Vu Viet and Truc Cuong were sentenced respectively to five and four years prison and their sister Thi Hoa to three years.

Moreover the iron fist is a common issue in the history of Vietnam.

In application of article 80 of the Vu Viet, Truc Cuong and Thi Hoa were accused of espionage because of gathering information for use by foreign countries against the Vietnamese Republic. The state considers the American Committee for Religious Freedom as well as Radio as reactionary organizations because they promote freedom and respect for human rights in Vietnam.

However under international pressure the case was put on the back burner.

On 28 November 2003 the Supreme People’s Court of Hanoi reduced the sentence of the two brothers to 32 months and Thi Hoa’s sentence to four months and six days. Both of them had been in detention on remand for more than two and a half years, while their sister had been placed under house arrest during this time.

This decision of the Supreme People’s Court shows the iron fist of the regime.

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