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I highly recommend it.33 years after the atrocious mess collectively known as “Batman: the Movie,” Warner Bros.

decided to reboot the franchise in 1989 to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the character.

The movie has had quite the mixed reaction, as it has varied from people loving it to despising it.

I am most certainly in the love it camp and I’ve already seen it twice with a third viewing probably coming on Friday.

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If you want to see what a comic book Batman is more or less like, than this is the Batman interpretation for your liking.

Coming in at number six is definitely the weirdest Batman movie to date, “Batman Returns.” In this, Catwoman actually has nine lives, the Penguin is raised as a child in the sewers by actual penguins, and the film contains elements seen more in horror films than in a comic book movie.

In fact, the movie was so dark that Mc Donald’s actually pulled their tie-in with the movie in fear that parents would complain that they promoted the film for kids. Sure, it’s not faithful to the comic books, but it is a whole lot of fun with great performances across the board.

There are sex jokes, scenes with blood spurting, and Batman flat out killing people. The sets are terrific, the music is haunting, and atmosphere is a mix between a halloween movie and a Christmas movie.

In essence, it’s a hardcore PG-13 “Nightmare Before Christmas” with the Batman. While not a solo film, “Batman v Superman” is the most recent incarnation of the character, making him older, faster, and more brutal than ever.

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