Essential dating tips

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And you can use any type of chicken, including left over cold chicken if you wish): Crushed Garlic, Diced onion, chopped up chicken breasts, plain flour, white wine (optional), chopped up mushrooms, cream.1.

Fry onion and garlic lightly in oil until softened. Add chicken breast and cook until nearly cooked through3. Stir to make sure all chicken is coated and let cook for a minute or two4. We are having pies for dinner tonight using leftover from last nights dinner - Beef and 3 potato casserole from the Womans weekly Casserol cook book, cooked in the slow cooker. We had pasta with our casserole last night and I had tipped the remaining pasta into the casserole, so I am just planning on chopping the pasta up and including it in the pies as well Sorry to crash your thread op.

prod=368#oooww thank you very much 1boy3girls for those recipes, about to print them off now. Add 500 ml Campbells Chicken stock, and bring to boil then add 2x chicken breasts, diced finely. I love baking pies in my pie maker and this recipe is a favourite for adults especially men and it is sooooo easy to make.

I made my own recipe the other day, Chicken & Vege pies, they were AWESOME!! Add 1 small diced kumera (sweet potato), and 1 small diced potato. PEPPERED STEAK PIEJust cut 500g of steak inot bite size pieces and brown in a pan with some spices and onion.

Ricotta Titbit, Spicy Sweet Potato, Chilli Letil Pie, Mediterranean pies, Curried Potato Pies, Open Ratatouille Pies, Leek & Basil Pies, Eggplant & Ricotta, Cherry Tomato & Fetta, Spinach & Egg, Fetta, Olive & Capsicum Pies, Potato & Cheese Pies, Mushroom & Spinach Pies, Smoked Salmon & Asparagus, Creamy Seafood Pies, Open Spicy Prawn & Tomato pies, Seafood & Egg pies, Salmon Patties, Seafood Laksa Pies, Salmon & Sweet Potato, Tuna & Brocolie Pies, Seafood & Avacado Pies, Mexican beef & bean pies, Ham & Mushroom Pes, Aussie Bushman's Pies, Prosciutto, Goats cheese & Sundried tomato pies, shepherds pie, sausage pies , ham & asparagus pies, herbed pork pies, brandied steak & mushroom pies, savoury mince pies, lamb & eggplant pies, ham & pineapple pies, hawaiian melt, spicy beef & vegetable, bacon, mushroom & tomato pies,chicken satay, chicken, mushroom & curry pies, chicken & mango pies, chicken & onion pies, sweet chillie chicken pies, hawaiian chicken pies, green curry chicken pies, curried chicken & sweet potato, chicken asparagus & corn pies, Hoi sin chicken & bok choy pies, chicken pesto pies, spicy mexican pies, beef stroganoff pies, zucchini,corn & ham pies, three cheese pies, Hasty tasty, corn & ham pies, slamon pies spinach & corn pies, mexican tuna pies, pasta Al Forno, pumpkin & bacon quiche, tomato & basil quiche, asparagus quiche, quick n easy quiche, eggs provencale, mini mexican tortilla stacks, honey soy chicken pies, 1boy3girls, I would love any of the vegetarian ones (I already have the Spicy Sweet Potato, Ricotta Titbitt and the Curried Potato Pies which was in the sample PDF on their web site.

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Navigating parking lots, getting stuck in long lines, and running into your ex makes going to the supermarket not that super.

Click on "instructions" on this page and it downloads a pdf.

Doesn't have a heap of recipes, but has a dozen or so.

Of course, there is also plain old egg and bacon, but you need to break the egg yolk up a bit, otherwise it takes ages to cook.

Another favourite is chicken and mushroom (sorry, not sure of the quantities, I just do it to taste.

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