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However, the period 2005 10 witnessed a meteoric increase in production by over 45 % i.e.1.03 million tonnes (m.t) compared to that of 2005. Annual marine fish production in India for the period 1961-2014 State-wise production Among the coastal states, Gujarat, followed by Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, together contribute a major share (64%) to the marine fish production of the country. Michael’s College, Cherthala Published by: Department of Zoology, St. INTRODUCTION Indian marine fisheries which existed as a sustenance fishery for years, underwent a series of change with the advent of mechanisation in 1950s, evolving itself into a multi-billion dollar industry. Sustainable fisheries in an ecosystem perspective, St. Composition trends of fisheries in Malampuzha reservoir, Kerala, India Renjithkumar C. Here, a brief on the present status of Indian marine fisheries sector, the issues plaguing the industry and suggestions to overcome the problems are given.

Michael’s College for providing all the facilities for the conduct of the semnar and printing this proceedings. The III Phase which extends from mid 80s to the present is characterised by intensification of mechanised fishing, growth in motorisation and multiday fishing, extension of fishing grounds, seasonal fishery ban, introduction of molluscan aquaculture, open sea cage farming and breeding and hatchery development of marine finfishes for aquaculture.The developments in fish harvest technology has been in areas of craft technology and mechanization of propulsion, introduction of synthetic gear material, acoustic fish detection and satellite-based remote sensing techniques, advances in electronic navigation, provisions for on-board fish processing and preservation.Thus, the fishing industry in the last five decades has undergone significant developments leading to improvements in the working conditions and reducing the drudgery of fishermen. Present scenario of capture fisheries The period 1960 -70s saw a gradual increase in fisheries production from 0.63 million t in 1960 to 1 mt in 1970; a twenty year period (1950–1970) was required to raise production by double.Kerala which stood first in fish production till 2012 lost its place to Gujarat and now stands at third position.The production increased from 2.68 lakh tonnes in 1960 to 5.7 lakh t in 2014.

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