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The sailors cut pieces from the end for chewing (this happened most of the times because smoking was often forbidden on the wooden ships, imagine, a little spark and *whoosh*) or they cut coins that could be loaded into pipes.The flakes we know today from tobacco manufacturers are evolutions of the pressing that the sailors invented to keep their tobacco usable.The first set of 3 digit numbers signifies the day of the year.There are 365 days in a year and on leap year there are 366 so you just count the days.

Gallaher claimed that the costs of making it for a smaller and declining market were too high.Behind the scenes Danish company A&C Petersen was negotiating for the trademark, original equipment (! At first they re-introduced it to Denmark only with Danish language tins.Later in 1999 A&C Petersen started shipping Escudo to the USA again to the delight of the pipe-smokers there.The first digit number signifies the year (9=2009, 0=2010 etc.) The letter is the month (B=January, L= February) using the following frase “Black or White” each letter representing all 12 months.Example: 0L = February 2010 -pleasure_admin (Lifted from another website.) I am from Canada but smoke Camel Filters so mine are imported and have this weird inscription on the bottom... Inscription = JJA18B05 If anyone could help it would appreciated..

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