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If you think you got what it takes to set or break a record in Australia, then go to The Australian Book Of Records website and learn what is involved in becoming a record breaker; application process, adjudication, safety, completion, verification and registration of your record attempt.

Jehovah's Witnesses from all over Australia and the world came together on december 13, 2003, in Telstra Stadium to see more than 500 new brothers and sisters lie down in specially designed tubs to "take God into their hearts" and set the Australian record for biggest baptism.

Hippies desperate for a thrill but too broke to buy drugs sometimes cut the back with poison glands off the toad, dry it in the sun and then roll it into a joint to smoke ( don't try this at home!!

) Some dogs are reported to have turned into druggies by becoming addicted to "cane toad sucking", getting high on the poison.

Former HIH chief Ray Williams is serving a four-year jail sentence for his role in the HIH collapse in the same jail and is also on toliet cleaning duties.

Late 2005 he was also stripped of his prized Order of Australia award by Governor-General Michael Jeffery.

Wildlife smaller than them they will kill and eat, wildlife bigger than them will eat them and die from the poison they have in glands on their back.

The thirty toads that were introduced initially have now multiplied into the countless millions and are spreading across Australia and have recently arrived in Kakadu, Northern Territory where it is expected they will devastate the place as there are vast floodplains which are the perfect breeding ground for them.

The former director, 45 year old Rodney Adler, said he had made some "stupid errors of judgment", but the judge disagreed with this terminology, cited several examples of gross misconduct, fraud and outright lies, and sentenced him to a maximum of four and a half years in jail for four crimes of dishonesty committed in his time at the failed insurer, but he will probably only do two and a half years of that.Australians make up nearly a third of the more than 60,000 people who try to make or break world records every year.Guinness World Records says that Australia is the third biggest market for their famous record book.Even the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre had never heard of such a whopping reading for a woman.Steven Bradbury is the first Australian to win a Winter Olympic gold medal in speed skating, he won the 1000 m race at the 2002 Winter Olympics because all the others fell over and crashed in the last corner.

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